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Mound Time Baseball: Where Players Reach Their Potential
and Learn to Compete at the Highest Level

Our mission to provide and educate the baseball community with an ethical service that delivers the background and experience needed to enhance the lives of our youth and parents.

Building on our reputation of quality service and instruction, we will continue to grow Mound Time in the Pacific Northwest.

We're proud of our relentless desire to give kids confidence not only in baseball, but in life.

The Mound Time experience Established in 2005, Mound Time began in the back yards and public parks of our original clients, providing private individual and group lessons.  Coming up on its 10-year anniversary, Mound Time offers Spring, Summer, and Fall Baseball teams, Nike SPARQ and quickness training, weight lifting, out-of-state trips, hitting, pitching and fielding classes, as well as seasonal baseball camps and cage rentals.

Mound Time has served thousands of clients and currently boasts prep teams from age 7U to 19U.  Mound Time is the only baseball training program offering year-round training to every age group for pitching, hitting, fielding, and SPARQ (strength and agility).

Our goal is to provide your child with a solid base of fundamental baseball skills that will lead to greater success.  Due to Mound Time’s success, we no longer offer all programs and services directly to the public.  All players and families interested in Mound Time programs will need to schedule a preliminary tryout and consultation.

Mound Time is conveniently located right off Highway 26 near Cornelius Pass Road.  For more information about Mound Time, our facilities, and programs, email us at

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