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Speed & agility training (SPARQ)


Mound Time Speed and Agility Classes deliver an innovative, high energy, and fun workout that is committed to creating the best environment for teams and athletes.  That is why we proudly offer SPARQ Ratings (for baseball softball, football, soccer, basketball, etc.) and SAQ lessons for groups and individuals along with personal baseball instruction.  Whether you participate in one of our group SAQ classes, private training sessions, or come in to follow your own workout and training program, our unique focus on training will ensure you obtain the results you seek.

Agility training Our complete speed training program aims to:

  • Improve acceleration
  • Increase maximum velocity
  • Maintain velocity against the onset of fatigue

Closely related to speed training is Agility and Quickness training.  This aims to:

  • Decrease reactive ability and reaction time
  • Improve deceleration
  • Enhance the ability to change direction
  • Improve co-ordination and dynamic balance

SAQ training is the key to unlocking your athleticism.  Let Mound Time be your place to get your SPARQ rating and reach your potential.

Classes & fees

Group classes
1 group class$40
10 group classes$199
Semi-private classes*
1 semi private class$40 per player
10 semi private classes$300

* Semi-private classes are organized by students and their families.